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Kismet Shirts

lightweight, moisture-wicking technical fabrics, that offers both style and performance.


Long Sleeve Mesh Panel Shirt

This elegant show shirt from Kismet features a unique asymmetric mesh panel design, with a rounded cut in the front and a swoop V-style cut in the back. Crafted from Kismet's lightweight, moisture-wicking technical fabric, it offers both style and performance. The thumbhole design provides added functionality, and the snap buttons on the left side of the neck add a refined touch. Perfect for both show events and everyday training, it seamlessly doubles as a schooling shirt.


Turtleneck UV Shirt

The "Alexa" turtleneck shirt is a versatile, logo-free top that offers pure performance and a flattering fit, ideal for transitioning seamlessly from stable to street. Designed for various sports like golf, tennis, running, and pickleball, its ultra-light, dry-wicking fabric is perfect for high-intensity activities. Features like the thumbhole protect against UV exposure while wearing gloves, and the breathable "Air" colors enhance comfort. Whether you're riding, running errands, or heading to the office, the Kismet Turtleneck Shirt is your go-to choice for any occasion.


Long Sleeve Show Shirt

The Kismet "Elenoire" UltraLight Perforated Ladies Long Sleeve Airbag Jacket Show Shirt is a top-selling show shirt known for its innovative design and functionality. Made with lightweight, perforated fabric for maximum airflow, it's perfect for hot days. Designed to be worn under Airbag Safety Vests, it eliminates the need for a show jacket, featuring a white placket bib and 1/2 cuffed sleeves that provide a polished look. The 1/4 length concealed zipper and firm crossover collar enhance its suitability for competitive use.


Long Sleeve Lace Arm Show Shirt

Crafted from a soft-feel light fabric, this shirt offers unmatched comfort and keeps you cool with its easy stretch. Its quality and feel are so exceptional that they truly need to be experienced firsthand to be fully appreciated.